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You are interested in Breeding Cattle or Cattle Genetics from Germany?

Breeding cattle from Germany enjoy a very good reputation all over the world. Germany is the world´s largest exporter of breeding cattle and one of the leading countries in the export of bovine semen. 89.537 breeding cattle and 3,88 million semen doses have been exported in 2014.

Large Population

With around 12.7 million head of cattle, including 4.29 million dairy cows, Germany has the largest dairy cattle population and the second largest cattle population in the European Union. More than 40 breeds are kept of which 80 percent of the cattle belong to the major breeds German Holstein black and white and red and white, the German Fleckvieh (Simmental) and the German Braunvieh (Brown Swiss). The remaining 20% are shared by eight local rare breeds and by about 30 beef breeds.

Long Tradition

Cattle production in Germany is well organized, has a long tradition and a lot of experience in the breeding sector. Genetic improvement of livestock is coordinated by the breeding organizations. They are competitive associations, cooperatives and companies for breeding and insemination.

Hygiene Standards

Cattle breeding in Germany works on very high standards of hygiene and animal health. Guidelines and regulations for disease control are elaborated between the German Cattle Breeders´ Federation and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). Import and export regulations for breeding animals, semen and embryos are regularly harmonized among the federal states of Germany and abroad.

Quality and Performance Testing

German dairy farmers have been organized in milk recording associations in order to take part in milk testing (DHI) for more than 100 years. Currently the milk of more than 3,7 million cows (more than 87% of all dairy cows) from roughly 51,000 farms is tested nationwide. This worldwide second largest system of nationally organized milk recording bases on independent milk testing laboratories and produce essential data for the herd management in case of animal health and performance. The genetic evaluation is also based on data from milk recording, especially for breeding aligned on animal health and fertility.

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